Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Emmi?

Wardrobe stylist and image consultant for men. Author of a book every man should own. Expert speaker on the topic of business casual.

2. How much does it cost?

Emmi’s wardrobe styling sessions start at $750. Message her to get a complimentary evaluation.

3. Why Emmi?

Emmi helps you get beyond your old wardrobe by trying on clothing and accessories that you may not otherwise consider. You’ll be wearing outfits you love within minutes, instead of wasting your time walking from store to store on your own, trying to escape the choice-overload and wondering where your future styles are hidden.

Because Emmi simplifies style and teaches you how to do it for yourself.

Because Emmi’s advice is independent and her priority is you, not selling clothes.

Because throwing money away on uncomfortable, poorly-cut clearance-rack stuff doesn’t accomplish anything.

Emmi views clothing style as being important, because getting dressed every day should make you feel like a rock star—not because you need to adhere to some artificial, fake sense of what it means to be “fashionable.”

After working directly with hundreds of men across the country, Emmi is a sought-after expert for national media, and has literally written the book on business casual for men.

Choosing Emmi means you never settle—everything you take home is something you’re excited to wear.

4. How does this process work?

You’ll first have a 15 to 20 minute consultation call with Emmi, during which she learns about your lifestyle, wardrobe, needs, goals, and budget.

During that call, Emmi lays out how the services work which includes an up-front deposit. Based on the information Emmi gets from your call, she will plan out your new wardrobe, usually in the range from a small number of versatile pieces to make 3 to 4 looks up to 2 weeks worth of looks targeted to your needs.

You will receive a list along with a budget estimate for the new pieces. We can easily make any needed adjustments.

You send Emmi a head to toe shot of what you currently wear, so she can see how the sizes you’re wearing actually fit and what brands are going to be your best match. If you need hairstyle recommendations, Emmi finds you ideas and also recommend a hair stylist. Usually you get your haircut before meeting Emmi (not because Emmi demands it, but because you’re eager for a change).

Prior to the session, Emmi hunts through the stores and pre-selects everything on your list so we don’t waste any time when we’re together.

When you meet, Emmi presents your best clothing options, and helps you pick the winners. In addition to educating you on the brands, cuts, and colors that work best for you (and what you should avoid), Emmi shows you how to easily put together complete looks for all of your activities.

At the end of the adventure, you’ll have a new wardrobe that’s totally “you,” along with the fashion education to make the most of it.

5. How long does it take?

It depends on how much clothing we’re getting you.

Mini Sessions are 90 minutes. Good for 3 head-to-toe looks.

Small Wardrobe Session is approx 3 hours. Good for a solid week of clothes to rotate through.

Full Wardrobe Session is the better part of an afternoon. Good for 2 weeks of work and weekend looks you’ll wear for years to come.

6. What should I budget for my clothes?

That is dependent on the number and kinds of pieces you want to get. But as a general guide, a handful of looks is $500-1,000, a small wardrobe is 2-3K, and a full wardrobe runs 4k and up.

7. What will you pick out for me?

That all depends on your lifestyle, body type, and preferences. Some men need dressy casual basics like great fitting denim and tailored button downs; other guys need a mix of weekend wear, business casual and a couple of suits. Emmi takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of getting you what you need by asking you the right questions and doing that planning for you.

8. What if I don’t like the clothes?

Nine out of ten times, it’s immediately obvious when you don’t like something you’re trying on. Emmi’s policy of never settling completely erases any possibility that you will walk away with even one garment you don’t like.

If you change your mind about something later, you can simply return or exchange the item within that store’s return/exchange policy.

9. What kind of men does Emmi work with?

Emmi’s clients include young professionals who are making a commitment to their professional appearance for the first time, as well as more experienced professionals who are looking for an update.  These men span the full range of professions like technology, law, accounting, and entrepreneurs.

10. Does Emmi travel?

Yes. Contact Emmi to coordinate a visit to your area.