Wardrobe Styling Sessions

When you shop for clothes, do you stroll in, relaxed, having everything you need pre-selected for you? Do you pick from only the best options and know immediately whether each item is right for you? Do you leave the store in record time with everything you need and nothing you don’t?

If not, you’re not shopping with Emmi.

Photo by Ryuji Suzuki

Photo by Ryuji Suzuki

Emmi Sorokin will make a (stylish) man out of you.
— Boston Magazine

What is the process?

Emmi takes care of everything except for purchasing your clothing:

  • Figuring out what you need and estimating the budget
  • Pre-selecting your best clothing and accessory options
  • Assembling your looks from head to toe
  • Educating you on the brands, cuts, and colors that are best for you
  • Guiding you on when and how to wear every garment
  • Eliminating buyer's remorse with Emmi's Never-Settle Policy

How much does it cost?

  • An initial deposit of $500 covers preparation time
  • Shopping time is billed at $250/hour in quarter-hour increments
  • No minimum shop time required
  • You buy the clothes you love

Emmi’s Approach

Putting your trust in someone else to pick out your clothes can be a little unnerving. Emmi puts every garment through a checklist before it makes it into the “show-you” pile.

  • Will it be of value to your wardrobe and not a waste of money?
  • How versatile is it?
  • Does it feel comfortable?
  • Will it be easy to wear and coordinate once you’re on your own?
  • How awesome is it going to make you look?

Emmi’s policy is to never settle, meaning you will never be asked to settle for an article of clothing that doesn’t match your personality or tastes. With this policy, you are certain to walk away from your time with Emmi excited about every single thread you’ve acquired.