Meet Emmi

The Expert on Business Casual and Men’s Style

Portrait by Ryuji Suzuki

Portrait by Ryuji Suzuki

The importance of image and perception—how the way people present themselves affect how they’re treated—became startlingly clear to Emmi when she emigrated to the United States in her youth. Now, having studied fashion design, and with nearly a decade of experience as a men’s wardrobe stylist, Emmi helps men maximize their confidence by attaining the looks that reflect the best version of themselves. 

I’ve never had a client ask, ‘Why are you trying to change who I am?’ Instead, they say: ‘Why wasn’t I doing this all along?’
— Emmi

Emmi’s style philosophy centers around making sure the fit of your new wardrobe matches your body and your personality—you’ll look effortlessly pulled together and never flashy.

Having advised hundreds of clients all over North America to fantastic results, and authored The Business Casual Survival Guide: 30 Looks for Men, Emmi is also an authoritative, engaging, and entertaining public speaker on men’s fashion.

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