Look idea: The tan blazer by Emmi Sorokin

how to wear a tan blazer

Typically made of linen or cotton, the tan blazer is a summer staple. Here’s one way to wear it, use the tan blazer to tone down brighter colors in the rest of your look.

For example, pair it with a bold print shirt, and a pant in a color that matches one of the colors in that shirt. In this case here it's a red and blue large check plaid button-down with a dark navy pant.

Tan coordinates easiest with brown and other earth-tone accessories. The perforated leather oxfords give the look a dressy feel, if you want to relax it a bit, switch out for a pair of flat-top sneakers.  

Clothing and shoes by Frank & Oak. Belt by Ted Baker.


2015 Summer Menswear Trends by Emmi Sorokin

Menswear this summer is dominated by two elements, texture and pattern. This is partly because of the burgeoning 70s influence on all things fashion, and partly because previous seasons’ early stage trends are starting to peak. Tweet @AskEmmi to let me know your favorite. 

Terry Trouser Shorts

Sweatpant shorts are getting classed up. Perfect to wear on weekends with a t-shirt, maybe add a denim jacket.

Textured Knit Tees

A dressier alternative to plain T-shirts, these body hugging gun shows are straight out of the 70s. Pair with tailored chinos or color denim.

Ombre Fades

This color fading technique is now being applied to everything from clothes to shoes to men's bags. Ombre pieces are great to wear with prints.

printed canvas

Remember when you only asked what color shoes you should wear? Now you can choose boat shoes and sneakers printed with stripes, florals, cartoon sketch laces, poetry and even Monet masterpieces. If your summer wardrobe consists mostly of solid colors, printed shoes are an easy step in the right direction.

Tailored Tropicals

Tropical print tailored short sleeve shirts are the successful evolution of the hawaiian shirts of yore. The key to pulling off these psychedelic and wallpaper prints is to keep the rest of the look simple, like pairing with white or navy shorts and sandals.

Business Casual for Men Decoded by Emmi Sorokin

One of the compounding difficulty factors of nailing the right look for work is that the standard for “business casual” looks different from office to office and from job to job. Over the years of working with individual clients and corporations, though, I’ve realized that business casual can be broken down into four flavors.

It’s important to identify which sandbox either you or your clients are playing in because good style depends upon context. The goal is always to look capable and “appropriately professional” for the setting, and that depends on the level of formality of your job, your industry, and your activities. Let’s sample these four flavors now.

Executive Casual

Sometimes referred to as CEO casual. The most formal of the bunch. Executive casual spans from a suit without the tie to slacks with a dress shirt and a blazer, and occasionally chinos or dress denim can be appropriate. 

Executive Casual

Classic Business Casual

Classic business casual is the most common form of business wear seen across offices in America. The range includes traditional pairings of sport coats with chinos and button-down shirts on the dressy end. In the middle of the range are sweaters and chinos, and the relaxed end consists of denim with casual button-downs or polo shirts.

Business Casual For Men

creative CASUAL

Creative casual is similar to classic business casual in terms of the range but is typically more fashion forward with a lot of designer denim. There’s an acceptance of fabrics, finishes, and cuts in the clothing and accessories that are on trend and very “now” that could be considered a little too contemporary in classic business casual.

Creative Casual

Tech Casual

More so than in any other business casual flavor, comfort and utility rule the domain of tech casual. The range here includes all types of denim with untucked button-downs or T-shirts, and on the dressier end are chinos and any shirt with a collar.

Tech Casual

Once you identify which business casual flavor you're going with, the next step is to personalize it to truly feel like you, and capture your individual style and image. I'll show you how to do just that in an upcoming post. In the mean time, you can check out The Business Casual Survival Guide: 30 Looks for Men, it's the only guide you'll ever need to take control of your style for work and weekend.

Post College Makeover by Emmi Sorokin

Building a wardrobe for college (or after graduation) that's not all fleece and t-shirts can be a challenge. The trick is to get a rotation of well cut basics like casual button-downs and knit jackets in soft fabrics to make it feel like you're in pajamas while you look sharp. 

5 Ways To Break Free of The Blue Shirt & Khaki Uniform by Emmi Sorokin


1.  Diversify traditional khakis by incorporating additional colors like tobacco, olive, or dark burgundy. They’ll all go just as brilliantly with the blue and white shirts in the closet now.

Pants by J. Brand.






2.  Ease up on plain, solid-colored dress shirts and add a few pattern button-downs. Prints and patterns with multiple colors, at least one of which coordinates with the pant or top layer, make the outfit appear effortlessly pulled together.


Shirt by Theory.





3.  Add a tailored vest. A vest is a perfect in-between garment because it has a softer feel than a blazer but means business more than a sweater. Vests can be worn year- round and go with slacks, chinos, or denim.


Vest by Theory.




4.  Add a pocket square. Get an assortment of color and print squares. A thin sliver showing from a sport coat or vest looks refined, is completely business appropriate, and is a refreshing alternative to a tie.


Pocket square by Maki & Mpho.




5.  Plain black and brown belts = snoozefest. Switch up the belt color, material, and texture. This suede burgundy belt can be worn with either black or brown shoes.


Belt by Bally.

What To Wear To The Party by Emmi Sorokin

party attire

Here's an easy, stylish party look. The base consists of a dark navy casual tux jacket, a white dress shirt and jeans. You can personalize this for your party situation with any of the following variations.

DRESS IT UP:  Go for slacks instead of denim, add patent tux shoes and a pair of elegant cufflinks.

DRESS IT DOWN: Switch out the dress shirt for a tailored tee and slip on some drivers.

EDGE IT UP: Try a pair of dark burgundy wingtip boots and add a killer lapel pin.


7 stylish waterproof Shoes For men by Emmi Sorokin

Your swagger doesn’t have to dampen with the weather. Here’s a curation of Emmi-Approved waterproof shoes in a variety of styles.

Cole Haan Lunargrand Lace Boot

These ostrich print boots are edgy yet sophisticated. Ideal for dark denim. You’ll be melting a lot of hearts so it’s a good thing these can stand some puddles.

Color: Black ostrich.

Tretorn Gunnar Canvas

These rubber booties disguised as street kicks are easy pull on and off. Perfect for casual jeans.

Color: Gunmetal

Cole Haan Lenox Hill Waterproof Split Oxford

Suede you can wear in the rain, soon man will truly have no limits. These suede oxfords will pair handsomely with sweaters, tweed and corduroy jackets, wool slacks or chinos.

Color: Java.

The black grain version is perfect for a suit, with or without the downpour.

Cole Haan LunarGrand Waterproof Wingtip

A welcome spot of color on a grey day, or with a grey hoodie. Great for casual pants and denim.

Color: Dark spruce. Also available in tan, light grey, and burgundy.


Johnston & Murphy Cardell Gore Boot

A simple streamlined completely waterproof boot ideal for denim and chinos.

Color: Oak. It’s also available in black, but I prefer this burnished finish both visually and because they can be worn with both black and brown- keeping you safe from rain and fashion faux pas.


Tretorn Skymra Mid SL Gore-tex®

A sporty super casual option, this shoe is very lightweight and a nice choice for guys who do not want to wear leather.

Color: Dusty olive.

Timberland Earthkeepers Britton Hill Wing Tip Boot

This dark burgundy wingtip boot pairs great with coated or painted denim and color chinos. Also comes in a very handsome, albeit safer, dark brown.

Thank You BostInno! by Emmi Sorokin

50 On Fire

Time to break out the 25 year old single malt, I’m an official 50 on Fire finalist!

BostInno's 50 on Fire recognizes inventors, disrupters, luminaries, and newsmakers, celebrates visionary individuals and companies across all industries in Boston at an incendiary event December 4th.

Fellow finalists include Converse, Harpoon brewery, Roger Berkowitz (CEO of the Legal Seafoods empire), and Wayfair.

I am deeply grateful to have my work recognized and want to thank at BostInno for counting me amongst such highly esteemed company.

Come join me at the awards ceremony. I look forward to either rejoicing or making too much use of the open bar in consolation.

5 Fall Jackets For Work & Weekend by Emmi Sorokin

It's not uncommon for a guy to have a classic topcoat and/or a sporty ski jacket but nothing in between. These 5 Emmi-Approved jackets fill that gap and transition brilliantly from work to weekend.

They've all been chosen from Nordstrom's because you get free shipping & returns, which nicely removes the risk of online ordering.

Why I Like This Jacket:  In a sea of sad black wool jackets the subtle print adds just the right amount of distinction. The quilted vest is removable and designed to be worn on its own. You can rock this with suiting or weekend wear.

Fit: Tailored.

Age Range: 20s through 60s.

Business Casual Flavors: All.

Why I Like This Jacket: This versatile sophisticated jacket will go over anything from suits to casual denim. The neutral grey tone will play nicely with any color in your closet. It's a perfect jacket for business travel; it looks masculine and put together while being super soft and lightweight.

Fit: Tailored.

Age Range: 20s through 60s.

Business Casual Flavors: All.

Why I Like This Jacket: Perfect jacket for the guy who likes to have some edge without looking like he's trying too hard. Has the toughness of a motorcycle jacket but with the comfort and ease of a soft nylon jacket.

Fit: Tailored.

Age Range: 20s through 40s.

Business Casual Flavors: Traditional, Creative & Tech.

Why I Like This Jacket: A rare gem, the leather blazer done right. To broaden how you can wear it, the zip-up neck warmer is completely removable. It looks great with khakis or denim.

Fit: Tailored.

Age Range: 30s through 50s.

Business Casual Flavors: Creative & Tech.

Why I Like This Jacket: It’s lightweight enough to layer underneath a wool coat or leather jacket. It looks equally good over sweats and sneakers or with an oxford, knit tie, denim and wingtips.

Fit: Very slim.

Age Range: 20s & 30s.

Business Casual Flavors: Creative & Tech.

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