2008 Fall Jacket Options / by Joe Baz

Men's styles are continuing to trend towards tailored and structured looks, and outwear is no exception. This means reserve puffy jackets and pull over fleece for your man-out-in-the-woods-adventures. Covering your great outfit with a bulky, busted jacket is like wrapping a Rolex in a McDonald's bag. There are tons of fall jacket options out there, from military inspired to metallic leathers, you'll get the most bang for your buck selecting a jacket that you can wear daily and for slightly more dressy occasions. Remember when you're shopping for a fall coat bring your thickest sweater or a sport coat to ensure that your new jacket won't become too snug over layers. Here a couple of Emmi Award worthy fall coats that will last you for seasons to come.


This Gap basic black waist length jacket is sporty yet classic. It works for casual to business casual; wear it with your jeans, khakis, or dress slacks, but do not layer over a sport coat or suit. It's reversible, water resistant nylon on one side and snuggly wool on the other. Available at The Gap for $118.



 For a fall jacket that looks great with jeans or a suit, check out this brown low contrast plaid trench. This coat adds more distinction to your look than a plain black jacket and it's in a neutral tone so you can wear it with just about any color. Water resistant too. Available at Banana Republic for $250.