Pulling Off Casual Cool / by Joe Baz

before-and-after casual cool

On the left is what my client would wear to a concert or low key night out with the guys. The look he was going for was 'casual cool'. One of the things he liked about the outfit was that it was easy to put together.  Now while the basic white T and jean combination has been an iconic American relaxed cool look for over half a century what's killing his version of it is the fit of both pieces. The draping T shirt does nothing for his physique along with unflattering Traditional cut jeans, this ensemble lacks any interest.

On the right is a 'casual cool' alternative that is just as easy to assemble and much more flattering as well as visually interesting.  I switched out the jeans with a slim cut darker wash version and over the T shirt added military inspired grey, summer weight cotton button down. The lightweight fabric makes the button down shirt just as comfortable to wear as a T shirt plus the collar creates a stronger shoulder line.  Both the dark wash jean and grey button down shirt are from H&M.