Summer Shirt Series #1 - The Oxford / by Joe Baz

jfk-sailing-oxford The Oxford shirt is aptly named for the fabric that its made from, oxford cloth, which has a distinct basket weave texture and subtle sheen.

Tucked into chinos or jeans, untucked with shorts, or worn underneath a blazer, this versatile button down is a comfy summer staple.  A classic blue, crisp white, and subtle print oxford will get you through an entire summer of long weekends, in the city or on Nantucket.

When selecting an oxford for yourself watch out for the following:

Fit -  For many shirt makers the traditional boxy cut is the default so unless you are on the huskier side, look for a slim cut (also called tailored) version.

Logos - Prominent logos are not the smartest choice, not only do they rarely add benefit visually, the wearer has paid for the privilege of becoming a walking billboard.

Collar - Button down or classic collar is a matter of personal preference.  I tend to favor the classic collar for my clients, unless they'll want to wear a tie with it on occasion, in which case we'll pick up one of each.

The choices are endless for where to buy your oxford shirt,  after doing field research and asking my clients for feedback,  here are the Emmi Award winners:

Best under $100 - Pink Slim Fit Oxford


Best under $40 - Gap Stripe Tailored Oxford


The Runner Up - Banana Republic Oxford