Want To Be More Attractive To Women? / by Joe Baz

They're watching you... Any man who's ever accidentally walked into the ladies room instantly understands how much more important good appearance is to women than men. In case you haven't made that misstep lately - when's the last time you saw a men's room complete with potpourri, an assortment of grooming products, flowers, movie star lighting, and couches?

Why are these amenities commonplace for the ladies, while men get a hole in the wall, or floor, to be more accurate? Because women need to be surrounded by attractive things. It's a primal desire of ours. Repeatedly, I see one archetype that does not grasp this basic rule and suffers the consequences. We'll call him the Sloppy Obsitnate Seeker. What defines an SOS? Almost every group of friends has one, some friend circles are made up almost entirely of them. In a social setting the SOS is generally seen in the corner or talking with another guy, it's not uncommon for him to be sporting tevas and a Hawaiian shirt. His clothing is generally oversized, wrinkled, and outdated.

The SOS is also the guy who laments that there is a shortage of quality women while thinking they themselves shouldn't have to put in any extra effort or make improvements to attract said quality women. Their vehemnet battle cry, "She should like me for me". Let me draw a parable that perhaps will help the SOS get a better perspective. Imagine, in front of you are two empty pint glasses. One is clean and new and the other is scratched up with greasy fingerprint smudges and some dirt on the bottom. The bartender comes over and fills both glasses with your favorite beer (mmmmm... beer), and asks you to pick your glass. By now I hope you understand the point I'm making here, it's normal to prefer the better packaging whether for our humans or liquid.

The good news is that it's easy to be more attractive to women. You don't suddenly have to go from wearing jeans to Armani suits, or complete a metro sexual night class at your local community college. Kick off your tevas and read carefully, these are the basics.

Good grooming is the foundation of being able to get close, without it, don't even try. Being showered is a no-brainer but there are some other essentials more than a few guys forget, like cleaning the ears and clipping nose hairs. Particularly if the activity du jour is going out to a bar where one, women will be looking at your profile a lot, and two, women will have to lean in to your ear to talk over the noise. I assure you no one wants to see a hairy, sometimes linty, surprise waiting for them up close and too personal. Finger nails are also frequently overlooked. Have them clean and clipped. You don't have to join the ladies for a mani and pediat the salon but your nails shouldn't look like you clawed your way out of the cellar to get the bar either.

Modern means current, and women like men who can stay current. Men tend to keep stuff in their closets way past the expiration date and not get new items when needed. Remember that what you wear tells people plenty about you before you even open your mouth. What does a faded mock turtle neck say from across the room? "I promise I can talk to women better than I can dress?", "Trust me, this to used to look great?", "Hey, do you like the smell of moth balls?". None of these are attractive to women.

Clothing that fits well is key. It's not about what designer you are wearing or how much it costs (really), it's about how the clothing looks on you. Not only must your clothes fit your body they have to reflect your personality (this is not an open invitation to wear your I Love Hot Moms T Shirt). Men's styles have changed quite a bit in recent years and every man's body is different and flattered by select cuts, styles, and colors. Learn yours! Either ask a trusted friend with good taste or better yet, get answers from a professional.

In the end what will get you in the door with most women isn't complicated at all - look nice and be able to have entertaining conversations with us (nobody will even know if you practiced with your sister beforehand). If you can cover those two bases, your odds of making a successful connection increase exponentially.