So now that Old Man Winter's icy fingers are giving you the reach around, are you armed with a nice jacket, gloves, and fantastic feeling scarf to keep you warm and admired? Don’t end up settling, you wear your jacket almost everyday during Boston’s six cold weather months.

For the first time ever, Emmi is offering outerwear & winter accessories-only super sessions that will feature a taste of Emmi's new high-end 1-hour wardrobe service at no additional charge. 

Most days you barely have time to leave the office, let alone time to build yourself the wardrobe you need. Determining how to hit the right balance between expertise and approachability takes a lot of time, and hundreds of micro decisions.

With the One-Hour Wardrobe, there won’t be any decisions, store hopping, or going to the tailor. Emmi will pre-select all the pieces (including accessories) from multiple brands, and bring them directly to you. She'll assess each garment on you and help you choose the winners, as well as take care of any alterations, all in one hour.

Every garment will feel like you, fit perfectly and be something you’re excited to wear for years to come. At the end, you'll have a cohesive wardrobe that is appropriate, personal, and tailored to your lifestyle and activities. Following your service, you'll be sent a personalized photo lookbook of all your best combinations from the clothing you've chosen. Emmi sees 1-Hour wardrobe clients year round. 

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After a quick consultation, Emmi will use her unmatched expertise to determine what will serve you best and where to get it. Emmi will determine your needs and create a game plan for your new pieces. 

You'll arrive to a fitting room with your best clothing options to try on. Emmi will be on hand to assess each garments fit and help you select the winners. She'll educate you on your best fitting brands, cuts, and colors (and what you should avoid). She'll show you how to easily put together complete looks for the full range of your activities. You’ll be out of there so fast, it’ll feel like magic. 

If it's related to style, Emmi has done it. This includes corporate styling, public speaking, photo shoots, and brand advising. Start a conversation with Emmi.