Ask Emmi: Better Than Basic T-Shirt? / by Joe Baz

Q:  When I go out I generally wear a plain t-shirt (grey, not white) and jeans. My female friends say that's too boring, so how can I liven it up without too much effort? I still want to be completely casual.   A:  Lots of guys call the T-shirt and jeans combo their off-hours uniform.  Pro: super easy.  Con: B-O-R-I-N-G.  Luckily, simple doesn't have to be bland.  Since you currently favor the plain grey T-shirt, replace it with a version that has some interesting design detail.  This printed T-shirt from French menswear maker Sixpack is available online and a great example of a unique print that's completely casual and unpretentious.  Just remember that Hawaiian prints, team logo jerseys or overplayed Ed Hardy roses and thorns, do not constitute 'interesting design detail'.  T-shirt from Sixpack