Cycle in Style and Comfort / by Joe Baz

Commuting in the city by bike and looking good doing it has been in the news lately. The NY Times featured a story on just that topic.  While the article gave some good tips, the 'simple' Dutch bicycle they showcase retails at $1,749 and the model's outfit adds up to over $5000.  Luckily it's easy to pull off a stylish bike appropriate look  for a teensy  fraction of that price.

When I was interviewed for Radio Boston on National Public Radio about being a novice biker,  the producer rode his bicycle over to meet me and I was really impressed with his stylish, professional and yet functional attire.  Looking at what he was wearing I would have never guessed he had biked over had I not seen him riding.

As you'll see, layering is one of the keys to biking comfortably and fashionably so as your body's temperature changes you can remove or add a layer.


Adam is wearing a black cotton blazer with a light tan stripe by Hugo Boss, purchased on his honeymoon in Italy (light circles on his lapel are Obama pins).  The blazer's softly tailored construction makes it easy to wear while riding.


Banana Republic makes these jeans. Shoes are from Johnston & Murphy. Socks sold at Sock It To Me.


The under layers: red thermal long sleeve T by American Appeal, black T shirt from Banana Republic.  Bag is made by Alchemy, details below.


This bag by Alchemy is awesome, made from 100% recycled materials it's waterproof, very sturdy, and has reflectors on the back.