The Business Casual Survival Guide: 30 Looks for Men

This easy-to-read, information-dense guide is packed with photos, valuable advice, and best practices for anyone working in a tech casual or business casual environment.

No other book speaks so directly to the question of modern business casual. The Business Casual Survival Guide is required reading for any professional man looking to take his wardrobe (but not necessarily himself) more seriously, and it’s the only resource he’ll ever need.

Detailing Emmi’s 4 Myths of Dressing Well, here’s an excerpt from The Business Casual Survival Guide:

Myth 1

You’ve gotta dress fancier/flashier/not like yourself. BS. Say it with me, dressing well does not mean dressing up. You don’t need fancy clothes. You need great-fitting, quality basics that make you feel like a rock star every day.

Myth 2

It’s gonna be uncomfortable. Au contraire mon frère. Being completely comfortable is a huge part of good style. This isn’t women’s fashion, so we'll be having no suffering for beauty thank you.

Myth 3

It’s gonna be expensive. Chances are you’ve been spending your money in the wrong places. Yes, quality costs more, but it’s way better to spend a bit more on a few well-made, versatile pieces that you’ll love rotating through than it is to have a closet full of sale clothes with nothing you really want to wear.

Myth 4

It’s hard/too much effort. It takes no more effort to put on great-fitting, comfortable shirts and denim than it does to put on their dumpy counterparts. I’m going to show you the simple formula behind good style.

Since working with Emmi I’ve doubled my income.
— Ed Kelley via Bloomberg News

With 30 full-color head-to-toe looks, which can be reconfigured into 120 outfit combinations, you’ll have no shortage of stylish options for life inside and outside the office. Tap into Emmi’s wisdom today by grabbing your copy of The Business Casual Survival Guide.