Why do I need a stylist?

You would hire a professional to patch your roof, defend you in court, and balance your checkbook. Emmi will take hundreds of decisions off of your plate. She will assess your lifestyle and determine exactly what it is that you need and where to go.

People do best what they do often, and Emmi lives and breathes men's style. Emmi will help you bypass the time-sucking, soul-crushing burden of selecting the right items, finding the right fit and putting together looks that work.

What do i get?

You’ll get clothes you love within minutes of meeting Emmi and an education on your best brands, fits and colors. Every article of clothing that you take home is something that feels like you, and that you’re excited to wear. 

You’ll be prepared for anything in your business and social landscape, inspire respect from strangers and friends alike, and experience the unmatched energy you get from wearing clothing that fit and feel great.


Session length depends on how much clothing you need.

  • 1 key look takes approximately 60 minutes. 
  • 3 head-to-toe looks is approximately 90 minutes.
  • A solid week of clothing to rotate through is approximately 3 hours.
  • 2+ weeks of work and weekend is the better part of an afternoon.

what should i budget for clothes?

That's dependent on the number and kinds of pieces you want to get. But as a general guide,

  • A key look with options starts at $400
  • A handful of looks is approximately $500-1K
  • A week of looks is approximately $2-3K
  • 2+ weeks of work and weekend is approximately $4k and up.

Clothing is not included with the session price. Between Emmi’s hawk eye for finding things on sale and her stylist’s discount at most retailers, you’ll rarely pay full price. Emmi is completely independent and not a rep for any brand, her only objective is finding what will serve you best.

what will emmi pick out for me?

We look at everything from your eye color to the people you're interacting with to your body temperature. It all depends on your lifestyle. Emmi takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of getting you what you need by asking you the right questions and doing that planning for you.


Nine out of ten times, it’s immediately apparent when you don’t like something you’re trying on. Emmi’s policy of never settling drastically lowers the chance that you will walk away with even one garment you don’t like.

If you change your mind about something later, you can simply return or exchange the item within that store’s return/exchange policy.

How much are Emmi's services?

Emmi's Key Look service with options starts at $1,500. A core wardrobe starts at $2,500. 

Emmi's 1-hour wardrobe service starts at $5,000. This includes us pulling everything from stores and bringing it straight to you, drastically reducing time spent on your end. 

Contact for other pricing.

will emmi work with my girlfriend / wife?

Respectfully, no. Emmi’s services have been perfected to be painless, lightening fast, and effective for the male brain and temperament. Emmi is happy to provide a list of referrals for female stylists.

Does emmi travel?

Emmi regularly sees clients outside of Boston, contact us and let's chat.