What is a stylist?

Stylists come in a couple different flavors.

1. A Sales Associate who's been given the title "stylist" that is paid by a store, whose primary motivation is to make the stores numbers. There's lots of these.

2. A paid representative for a custom clothing brand, whose primary motivation is to make commission and meet a quota. There's lots of those.

3. A remote Sales Associate titled "stylist" for a box service, paid by the company, with the primary motivation of moving merchandise. There's lots of these.

The majority of men end up wasting more money on clothing because of these stylists. They have short term monthly goals and don't take into account the best options for your lifestyle.  

4. An independent stylist, their primary motivation is getting you your best options, which means vetting the sea of options without brand bias to curate the perfect clothes for your goals and body type.

 Emmi is thinking long term, and how these clothes will serve you for years to come.


Why Emmi?

Emmi is a professional with 10+ years of experience. People do best what they do often, and Emmi lives and breathes men's style. Emmi will take hundreds of decisions off of your plate, assess your lifestyle, and determine exactly what it is that you need and where to go.

Emmi will help you bypass the time-sucking, soul-crushing burden of selecting the right items, finding the right fit and putting together looks that work.


What's included in the service?

Have you ever gone shopping and been in a outfit that you love? You’ll get clothes you love within minutes of meeting Emmi, and an education on your best brands, fits and colors. Every article of clothing that you take home is something that feels like you, and that you’re excited to wear. 

You’ll be prepared for anything in your business and social landscape, inspire respect from strangers and friends alike, and experience the unmatched energy you get from wearing clothing that fit and feel great. 


How long does it take?

Spending your money in the right place on clothes takes time and specialized knowledge. We put in the hours so you don't have to. Your active time in store is drastically less.

  • 1 key look takes approximately 60 minutes of your active time.
  • A handful of clothing is approximately 90 minutes of your active time.
  • A solid week of clothing to rotate through is approximately 3 hours of your active time
  • 2+ weeks of work and weekend is the better part of an afternoon.
  • A wardrobe review takes between 2-5 hours depending on the size of your wardrobe. 


What should I budget for clothing?

That's dependent on the number and kinds of pieces you want to get. But as a general guide,

  • A key look with options starts at $500
  • A handful of looks is approximately $500-1.5K
  • A week of looks is approximately $2-3K
  • 2+ weeks of work and weekend is approximately $4k and up.

Clothing is not included with the session price. Between Emmi’s hawk eye for finding things on sale and her stylist’s discount at most retailers, you’ll rarely pay full price. Emmi is completely independent and not a rep for any brand, her only objective is finding what will serve you best.


What is the service like? 

Emmi will use the answers that you provide as well as a current photo to carefully assess your needs. She will then hunt through the stores to pre-select all of your best options so you never has to wade through any racks, and make the most out of your time together.

The day of your session, you and Emmi will meet at a predetermined shop. You’ll arrive to a fitting room stocked with your best clothing options to try on. Emmi will be on hand to help you select the winners, she’ll also coordinate head to toe looks for all of your activities.

After your session, we'll provide you with care and feeding of your new wardrobe and any additional pieces found online to fill in the gaps.


How will Emmi know what clothes to pick out for me?

Emmi will look at everything from your eye color to the people you're interacting with to your body temperature. It all depends on your lifestyle. Emmi takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of getting you what you need by asking you the right questions and doing that planning for you.


What if I don't like the clothes?

Nine out of ten times, it’s immediately apparent when you don’t like something you’re trying on. It's second nature for Emmi to pivot and hone in on exactly what you need, even if you weren't able to articulate it earlier. Emmi’s policy of never settling drastically reduces the chance that you will walk away with even one garment you don’t love.

If you change your mind about something later, you can simply return or exchange the item within that store’s return/exchange policy. 


How much are Emmi's services?

Much less than you wasted on clothing in your lifetime. 

  • For Emmi to prepare and style a key look with options for you, it starts at $1,500.
  • For Emmi to prepare and style a handful of looks for you, it starts at $2,000
  • For Emmi to prepare and style a core wardrobe for you, it starts at $2,500
  • Emmi's 1-hour wardrobe service starts at $5,000. This includes us pulling everything from stores and bringing it straight to you, drastically reducing time spent on your end. 
  • Emmi's wardrobe review is $250/hr billed in half hour increments.  

Contact for other pricing.

Will Emmi work with my girlfriend or wife?

Respectfully, no. Emmi’s services have been perfected to be painless, lightning fast, and effective for the male brain and temperament. Emmi is happy to provide a list of referrals for female stylists.

Does Emmi travel?

Being the only truly independent men's stylist in the US, Emmi regularly sees clients outside of Boston. Contact us and let's chat.