Style Consultation

Not sure what you need or where to begin? Try a one-hour consultation with men's style expert, Emmi Sorokin. She'll help you find your vibe, discuss what's appropriate in your setting, and give you recommendations on everything from hair, glasses, and clothing. Available in-person or by phone.

This Service Includes: 

  • Color Evaluation: We won’t bore you by calling you a season (unless you’d like to know if you’re a spring!) You’ll receive a detailed list of the colors you should look for and the colors to avoid based on your coloring.

  • Fit Evaluation: Based on your body type, age, and who you interface with, Emmi will hone in on your body type and what cuts you should be looking for when shopping.

  • Brand evaluation: Using Emmi’s 10+ years of style knowledge, she’ll give you a list of recommendations of brands that will work with your body type.

  • Detailed shopping list: Armed with a professional shopping list, you can tackle any retail store.

$250 with hard one-hour cap