The Style4mula lesson 2: Feel

Breaking Free From The Corporate Uniform. 


Yesterday, we established the importance of fit. Today, we’ll talk about how to personalize your style so that it feels right for who you are and what you’re doing.

During consultation calls, clients often express concerns about looking like everyone else, and blending into the corporate herd. They also worry that if they try to mix it up, they may look overdone or like they’re trying too hard. As a result, they spend workdays in a uniform of sorts—one style of shirt in a few colors, and several pairs of khakis.

It’s easy to get stuck in the safe zone. But it is possible to achieve fresh new looks with minimal effort. Here are two sure-fire ways to mix it up for the office.


Interested in seeing more? Develop your eye and discover your preferences by paying attention to the unique colors, textures and prints of individual garments.

In the next lesson we’ll take it to the next level. That’s right, the “L-word.” Commitment issues? No worries. I’m talking about layering. I think you can handle it.