the Lunch Interview

Let’s start with an occasion you’re likely to encounter at some point in your career: the lunch interview. Whether you’re meeting at SweetGreen or the Capital Grille, business casual is usually the way to go. But what does business casual actually look like? In my unofficial research, I’ve learned that if you live on this planet and have a Y chromosome, there’s a good chance you’ve asked this question.

In my book, The Business Casual Survival Guide, I provide the answer—with lots of pictures. Adding this book to your shelf means never having to wonder if you’re overdressed, underdressed or just completely off the mark. Here is one example of the thirty looks shown in my book.

This guy, let’s call him Aiden, looks ready for a lunch interview. He’s equal parts business and casual. His tailored jacket says business, while its relaxed fabric says casual. Each piece strikes this balance. Now, if Aiden wants to tweak his outfit for a different occasion, no problem. By switching out specific pieces he can dress it up, dress it down or give it the edge he’s after.

Using The Business Casual Survival Guide for inspiration, you can create the right look, just like Aiden. Treat these looks as a starting point for business casual events then apply what you’ve learned about fit and feel. You’ll nail those first seven seconds and make the right first impression every time.