How to Build Your Core Wardrobe

Spending your morning feeling stressed about what you’re going to wear is no way to start the day.

It’s probably the reason why building a core wardrobe is the most common request I receive from clients. Men want to make sure they have a closet stocked with the types of clothes they wear most often, a few pieces for special occasions, and nothing more. Fashion trends can be a moving target, but a core wardrobe is about personal style—something far more enduring and meaningful. The key is to focus on three things: range, tone and quantity.

How do you reconcile what you have with what you now know you need?

Take your answers and bring them with you to your closet. Moving from one end of your closet to the other, pick up each garment and ask yourself two questions: 1) Does this match what is on my list? 2) Does it fit well and make me feel awesome? If the answer to either of those is “no,” then it is time to make a donation or, for particularly a beloved item, bring it to a tailor for the necessary adjustment.

When you’re done, your closet should be filled only with items that match those on your original list. Mark the pieces you’re still missing and there you have it—your core wardrobe shopping list. Take it with you on your next retail adventure, be it online or in-person.  It will keep you on the straight and narrow and get you one step closer to stress-free mornings.