The Style4mula lesson 1: Fit

What do all men who look effortlessly sharp have in common? Their clothes fit well.

Getting fit right means two things: 1) Understanding fit and what looks good on you, and 2) Knowing how and where to find items that meet the necessary criteria. Let’s save number two for another time. Today we’ll start by tackling the number one.

No matter what your body type is, your primary goals should be to emphasize the broadness of shoulders while accentuating the narrower scale of your waist, creating a V with your torso as shown below.

Regardless of the name on the label or the store where you bought it, if a garment doesn’t fit well, it’s not right for you.

Let’s put this knowledge into action. Look at the shirts in your closet. Do the size and cut flatter your body? Are the shoulder seams falling in the right place to maximize the V shape of your torso? If the answer to these questions is “no,” it’s time to say goodbye. Out with the old, and when you feel ready, in with the new.

Next lesson you'll see how to pick out clothes that feel right for you.