5 Ways To Keep Your Clothes Looking New

clothing care no-no
clothing care no-no

1.  Wash all your clothing, except workout or sport gear, on the gentle cycle with cold water.  A washing machine's regular cycle, especially one with a central agitator can take its toll on fabric rather quickly, this one simple tweek to your routine can really extend the life of your new clothes.  

2.  Did you know improper drying is the leading cause of death of young garments? Don't dry high.  Tumbling breaks up the garment's fibers and higher heat causes shrinkage, so as much as you can, either dry on the lowest heat setting or hang your clothes on a hanger and let air dry.  Just make sure you aren't using wire hangers.

3.  No wire hangers! Mommy Dearest may have been emotionally unstable and cruel but she did know something about clothing care.  Wire hangers create distinct points on shirt shoulders that after a while become permanent, so unless you plan on growing nipples there, keep the shoulder lines smooth by hanging your shirts on wood (best) or plastic (acceptable) hangers.

4.  Fold, don't hang your sweaters. Knits stretch so hanging them for extended periods of time makes them lose their original shape.

5.  Don't confuse the floor for a dresser or hanger.