Hawaiian Shirts - Hanging Loose or Lousy?


Think a Hawaiian shirt is just the thing to show off your playful side at cookouts this summer?  Think again.  Women generally hate these billowy bright mini muumuus.  Why?  Look at the fit.  Most men already tend to wear clothing that's too large for their frame. Compounding the tent tendency by sporting a ginourmous loud, garish Hawaiian shirt, (no matter how luau-festive it looks merchandised at the store) is a major mistake - step back or you will be sucked into a major Tsunami of tacky.

If you're wondering when it is appropriate to break out that wicked cool party shirt that makes you feel like you've got an express ticket to Margaritaville.  Here's your checklist.

Are you:

A. In Hawaii or similar tropical island?

B. On a cruise with a bunch of retirees?

C. Having game night with your charity bowling league?

D. Playing shuffleboard with your grandparents in Boca?

Unless you answer "yes" to one of these questions, put the shirt down and walk away.  There are so many better fitting, smart casual summer shirts out there for men.  For example - the linen gingham plaid button down, priced at $19 from H&M in the picture above is just one of the many options available to you.  So, fun guy, unless your purpose is to provide women with a warning to run, there is simply no reason to publicly punish yourself (and others) by wearing giant palm trees, surfer stick figures or dolphins mating.