Quickie MakeOver: The Single Dad


A lot of men, especially-pressed-for-time fathers, tend to think items like a jacket and shoes in the purely functional sense unless they're specifically dressing up for an event.  While that's understandable it's also almost always to their detriment, making them appear older and frumpier.  One of my clients this weekend had just that dilemma. 

He spends all day on his feet, and like many men before him, thought that there's no way a good looking shoe could be as comfortable as his hiking boot.  He was also a little leery of giving up his windbreaker since he needs lots of pockets and thought a more stylish jacket would not give him as much 'mobile storage'.  

We outfitted him in Johnston & Murphy shoes that were so comfortable he was grinning from the moment he tried them on and a Zara cotton military jacket with more pockets than his windbreaker.  Best of all, by switching out just those two items in his lineup he looks 10 years younger and infinitely cooler.   

So, in case you haven't heard me say this a million times yet: Gentlemen, you no longer have to settle, no more choosing between comfort and style, they can now be commonly found sharing the same point in space and time.