Obama's Jeans - StonewashGate


When "change" came to America, was it only from the waist up?

I must admit that, as major news networks, politico bloggers, and late show hosts all got themselves worked into a lather because of a single pair of jeans, I felt a little giddy.  Not only because, in part, I've dedicated my life to preventing getup gaffes for my clients, but also because our President perfectly illustrated a core belief of mine about men and clothing:  where most men get into sartorial trouble is in their casual clothes.

Suiting up is to dressing down like paint by numbers is to abstract art.  One is relatively straightforward while the other requires a significantly higher degree of proficiency to look good.

When Obama was asked about his denim dilemma, the most powerful man in the free world suddenly sounded like every client I've ever worked with, "I hate to shop and those jeans are comfortable."  Oh I know that swan song all too well - my clients say that so often I refer to it as background music that accompanies me as I clear their closet of pleated pants,  sweaters from grandma, and of course,  frump jeans.

Many men, the Commander-in-Chief included, naturally defend what they're comfortable in and mistakenly think they can't update to what's modern because it's going to be extreme (hence President Obama's follow-up comment about him not being 20 and unable to fit into tight jeans).  I want to tell him what I tell countless other men:  it doesn't have to be one extreme or the other, painfully hip or frumpville.  Comfort and good aesthetics are no longer mutually exclusive and there's a whole world of casual clothing available to him that both feels and looks great.

Now the closest I've gotten to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington is when I dressed one of my clients for his meeting with the President, but suddenly I have incentive to attempt access at the presidential closet directly.  So... I'm coming Mr. President, and I promise that once I'm done no one will ever tease your casual attire again!