Oversized clothing, a massive mistake

Mr. Big Stuff
Mr. Big Stuff

I’m sharing this client experience with you because too many men fall prey to this mistake and don’t realize what it’s costing them. I took on a client last week who told meduring the consultation that, for some reason unbeknownst to him, he wears clothing that’s too big for him. I reassured him that it’s very common for men to not know their appropriate sizes and buy clothing that’s too baggy. He stared at me intently and in a dire hushed tone said, "You don’t understand, I think at times I look like I’m wearing a muumuu." Appreciating his analogy,I told him it was doubtfulthat it could be that bad. I was wrong.

The day of our shopping session, I spied my client approaching from a distance. Ialong with the store employees stopped what we were doing and stared. As he rounded the corner of the store aisle and walked briskly toward me, there was something following him! It matched his every movement yet was distinctly several paces behind him. Was I seeing things? Was he being followed by a dark menace?! Is that why he’d been unlucky in the dating department? As I opened my mouth to yell, "Watch out something’s behind you!" it dawned on me that the billowing shady mass was actually his shirt catching up to him. This was beyond muumuu.

Turned out he was buying XL or 2XL shirts when what fit his body best was a large, andin some shirts we even went with a medium. The pants he was wearing were four inches too wide around the waist, with a baggy cut to boot, and four inches too long. The end result of his self imposed fabric fat suit was that his appearance was being completely obstructed by what he’d been wearing, thereforewomen couldn’t nor would they want to see what was really there underneath it all.

As we went through the new items I’d selected for him it was clear he saw the difference wearing the right size made.Several times out of the corner of my eye I caught him flexing his biceps in the mirror or doing a booty shake admiring his physique which, for too long, had been hidden away.

Now for the big question, does wearing the right size for your body really make that much of a difference to the outside world?

Answer: My client was made over on Tuesday andwhen we spoke the following Monday afternoon he was home from work, I asked him if he was feeling alright. He informed me that since our session he’d been wearing the outfits I’d assembled for him and coincidently improved his results with women to the point where he actually had to call out sick that Monday to recuperate from his wild week and even wilder weekend of "Too many dates to handle." Incredulously I asked if he was serious, his response: "Completely. Let the good times roll!" I couldn’t stop smiling all day after that conversation- do I have the best job in the world or what?!