Quickie MakeOver: The Pitch Meeting

Makeover for men
Makeover for men

These gentlemen wanted to update their business casual look for an upcoming sales pitch meeting. They're two intelligent and talented guys but their exsisitng look wasn't showcasing them as such.

Now, business casual only works with modern, form flattering pieces; yet too many guys grab an old boxy blazer toss it over some dad jeans or dockers, and then for the final nail in the "don't hire me" coffin, their old and busted 90's squared toe lace ups or, trail shoes. Never wear footwear sold at REI to a business meeting, unless you and Richard Branson are talking merger while scaling a cliff face. Let's take a look at the upgrades we made from head to toe during one quick shopping trip to Lord & Taylor

Sport Coat: Blobby blazers were switched out with better tailored sport coats in colors that are more flattering to their skin tones. Now while darker colors assert more 'authority', it's August in Boston and their pitch meeting was happening on a 90 degree day, so a tan herringbone jacket was completely appropriate.

Pants: Both guys wanted to wear jeans to the pitch rather than slacks so it was important to find jeans that had an even, dark wash with no embellishments, distressing, or whiskers (I swear I'm not making these terms up) and were cut like a trouser.

Shirt: We got button downs with tailored torso so they wouldn't have flying squirrel side wings when they removed their jackets.

Shoes: Time and time again I hear from guys that they can't wear better looking shoes because they have wide feet, or they're on their feet all day. Both of these reasons accompanied us to the shoe department. Yet after fighting me that fugly was the only was to go, both men, in their new shoes stood proudly grining as content as a politician with an envelop of special interest money. Turns out both Born and Johnston & Murphy make shoes that are plenty wide, comfortable, and good looking on our guys.

Accessories: Don't forget that your belt and socks count. They may not be visible all the time but at those moments when they are, a beat up belt or hole ridden sock won't help your credibility.

We replaced each of their looks for under $300 and all of the pieces can be incorporated into an unending array of outfits bringing their cost per wear down to pennies. Now that's good business cents. And, in case you're curious, I got word that they "killed it!" during their pitch meeting.