Keep Your Toes AND Your Dignity This Winter

Winter Footwear Tip
Winter Footwear Tip

A common frustration I hear from men at the start of the winter season is the inability to find winter footwear that protects them from the elements yet still looks good (and not by rural farm country standards). Here are some quick tips to help the hunt.

Go Gore-Tex - You don’t have to be James Bond to benefit from some high tech action in your in footwear. Gore-Tex is a thin, man-made membrane that when used as a lining in shoes and boots makes them impenetrable by water yet allows for air to flow out. Since it’s so thin, this Fort Knox protection doesn't come at the cost of destroying a sleek shoe’s line. Now this may not clinch the win at high stakes poker against a one-eyed villain, but it will ensure that your feet stay comfy and dry in the wettest weather without suffering a case of elephantiasis shoe. Brands like Ecco and Johnston & Murphy are a couple of the shoemakers that carry Gore-Tex lined footwear.

Water resistant vs. water proof - What’s the difference? Well if you live in a place known for torrential conditions it’s the difference between wet socks and dry socks. We could go into all the scientific mumbo-jumbo about how the two differ but instead you can think of Batman as waterproof and Robin as water resistant, when you get into deep water which of the two would trust more to get the job done?

Rubber soles with grip - It used to be that beautifully crafted men’s footwear always had a leather sole. Great in concept but once the streets start icing over you’ll be spending more time with your face on the pavement than you did during your last trip to Vegas. So if you like the idea of staying stylish and upright this winter, opt for shoes with a rubber sole instead. Cole Haan does a masterful job of blending classic and modern dress shoe uppers with streamlined, sturdy, and gripping rubber soles. It’s a winning union of form and function and a wonderful reminder that man no longer has to choose between style or comfort.