Socks & Sandals - The ultimate calling card of a man who rarely closes the deal.

Boy I bet you've got some tan lines. Move over farmer's tan, here come science stripes. Wearing sandals over socks is the equivalent of putting a tank top over a sweater, swim trunks over long underwear, a toupee over a you see the erroneous sequence here? Are you confused which season it is? It's doubtful your feet are so terrifying that this is a visual improvement.

Men who sport this failing combination tell me they do so because it's comfortable or they're protecting their shoes from sweat not that they're intentionally impersonating a psychiatric ward escapee. Good news - there's a happy solution. If you are someone who wants to combine socks and sandals it can be easily done with couth so as to not visually assault fellow humans by your fancy footwork. Try a hidden sock in a color that matches your sandal or a no-show skin color liner, another key is to select sandals with slightly more coverage than a Teva, see examples below: