2015 Summer Menswear Trends

Menswear this summer is dominated by two elements, texture and pattern. This is partly because of the burgeoning 70s influence on all things fashion, and partly because previous seasons’ early stage trends are starting to peak. Tweet @AskEmmi to let me know your favorite. 

Terry Trouser Shorts

Sweatpant shorts are getting classed up. Perfect to wear on weekends with a t-shirt, maybe add a denim jacket.

Textured Knit Tees

A dressier alternative to plain T-shirts, these body hugging gun shows are straight out of the 70s. Pair with tailored chinos or color denim.

Ombre Fades

This color fading technique is now being applied to everything from clothes to shoes to men's bags. Ombre pieces are great to wear with prints.

printed canvas

Remember when you only asked what color shoes you should wear? Now you can choose boat shoes and sneakers printed with stripes, florals, cartoon sketch laces, poetry and even Monet masterpieces. If your summer wardrobe consists mostly of solid colors, printed shoes are an easy step in the right direction.

Tailored Tropicals

Tropical print tailored short sleeve shirts are the successful evolution of the hawaiian shirts of yore. The key to pulling off these psychedelic and wallpaper prints is to keep the rest of the look simple, like pairing with white or navy shorts and sandals.

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