The 2 Most Important Trends In Menswear

Men's Fashion Trends
Men's Fashion Trends

Trend #1: No Rules.

It used to be the case that specific clothing items were "in" or "out" of fashion with everything supposed to be worn a particular way, and being in style meant following those rules.  Some men prefer easy-to-follow rules, sensing that fashion freedom will create too much room for error (incidentally, that's where an image consultant comes in handy).  But now fashion, especially casual menswear, has gone the way of the individual - just like a BK Whopper, you can have it your way.  Now, this doesn't mean you'll suddenly look good in anything and everything (very few men actually look good in pleated pants), and there are still dated items, like the super square toe dress shoe of the 90's. However, the old rules of not wearing black with brown, no white after Labor Day, matchy-matchy belt and shoes combinations, etc. are gone baby gone.  This embracing of individuality means that when you make choices about clothes, pay the most attention to how you feel wearing them and whether or not they flatter your physique and are appropriate for your lifestyle, and least about what is "in".

Trend #2: No Excuses.

"But they're comfortable!"  The 3 words men most frequently utter while I'm clearing their closet of Dad jeans and over-sized freebie T-shirts (and they wonder why the spark in their marriage or dating life is gone).  Back in the day, it used to be that comfort and style were elements rarely combined in the same garment. Let's use men's shoes as an example. Think of the countless men opting for bulky athletic sneakers to wear with their jeans because they think it's the only casual comfortable shoe available to them.  But designers have known for some time now that people want both form and function; just because we're not at the office doesn't mean we have to devolve into frumpy, undesirable blobs.  Now, no matter what the activity - professional, social, or sporty - there is an easily attainable, attractive option to the purely functional and fugly predecessor.  Even L.L. Bean, king of plaid flannel cabin wear, is launching a stylish, casual clothing line: reinforcing that other than laziness, there is no excuse to look like a schleb.