What's a woman know about a man's world anyway?




Let me ask you a question, does the thought of having more money and sex appeal to you? Then you may want to pay attention to what this woman knows about a man's world. We'll begin with these true stories-


Exhibit A:  

Last week I was at the bar with a group of girlfriends, two of whom were recently single and ready for some cheering up (that's code for sex with someone new). As we sipped our libations and surveyed the room for potential candidates the feeling of disappointment became palatable. There they sat, attractive, sexy and single women looking to score: yes, ready to get naked with someone in that room but there were no decent options. Here's what’s really tragic part:

The overwhelming majority of these guys could be great looking men if they just made some minor but critical changes. Just like altering a shuttles trajectory by only a few degrees is the difference between a successful reentry of the atmosphere versus burning up.  


How many of those guys you think would've enjoyed being in the company of an attractive woman that night? The opportunity was there, but sadly missed. 



Exhibit B:  

One of my earlier clients, an independent contractor, was disgruntled with a customer of his who he believed had more work to give him but was withholding the projects. After his makeover I recommended he take his client out to lunch, not to talk business, just to give his client the opportunity to take in the updated him. At the end of that lunch my client closed an additional $15,000 of business from the same customer who'd been holding out for years. I wasn't surprised but I remember him exclaiming "It's like he saw me a different light, he actually asked me if I would be willing to take on more work!"


How you dress directly impacts the quality of your life and men who don't take advantage consistently miss out on opportunities, both professionally and socially. Your friends talk about you behind your back and say things like, "he's such a great guy, if only he didn't dress like an outdated L.L. Bean catalog." It's not your fault, very few men had mothers who when they were entering adulthood taught them to how to select flattering clothing for their individual physique and coloring, and how to stay current. And even fewer men had mothers who taught them how to dress to be a hit with the ladies.


That's where I come in and if you're wondering what makes me an expert on the topic, I'm glad you asked.  I have the great fortune of being able to see life on the other side, after men go from just being part of the surroundings to dressing well: people start noticing and appreciating them. They get attention from women, touching them, complimenting them, engaging them in conversation, asking them out. They make a better impression with clients, they get raises triple their colleagues, they get noticed by senior management, they get better service at restaurants, etc.. Every waking minute of their day is a better experience than when they just threw stuff on, that I know. Why any guy wouldn't take advantage of that, I really don't know.