Ask Emmi - Fleece that doesn't pill?

  ll bean fleece

Q:  Where can I get fleece that doesn't pill after a few wears?

A:  Although all fleece over time pills simply due to the nature of the fabric, LL Bean® uses fleece from Malden Mills, where fleece was originally invented.

In 2007 Malden Mills became Polartec® but they're still producing fleece that has the highest denier count (number of stitches or loops per inch) of any products in the market.  A higher denier count means their fabric has a tighter weave so it will pill less and offer significantly more wear. 

Polartec® has greatly increased the number of manufactures and retailers they supply fleece to, but the lifetime warranty LL Bean® offers on their products makes them one of the safest bets.

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