Yet Another Reason To Volunteer

Here's another reason to volunteer: diversification.  Do you feel like you're in a rut? Volunteering can bring new skills and experiences out of the norm into your life. This past Friday evening I gave up my hot date night to volunteer at the Santa Claus Anonymous Snow Ball at the Boston Park Plaza. Santa Claus Anonymous funds programs to enrich the lives of inner-city youth, including providing Christmas presents to underprivileged children.


My volunteer assignment? 5 solid hours of dealing Blackjack! All the money went to the charity. The photo above was taken at the end of my shift returning my chip tray shortly after 1am. I initially took this volunteer shift feeling confident that my late night, post martini, card playing experience with friends would suffice. However, upon learning that I would be dealing to ten players at a time, I was very grateful for the pre-event volunteer dealer training.


We were shown the ropes by two Vegas veterans who were impeccably courteous, yet had that air of having taken out some knee caps in their prime. Sitting around the Blackjack table with the other dealers (all of whom were men in dark suits) felt like being in a scene from Ocean's 11 waiting for heist instructions. The Vegas veterans taught us all how to run the table and keep track of chips with the grace of a pro. I learned far more about cards than I had expected and the rotating players at my table were a riot. This was one of the more creative ways I've gotten to volunteer and I'll definitely be back in the dealers’ seat next year. Blackjack baby!