These Dress Shirts Have Battle Shields

Remember the Star Trek Enterprise's deflector shields? What if you could use a bit of that technology in your shirts? On a recent styling trip to Austin, Texas I discovered just such dress shirts at the luxury menswear shop, Keepers.

Granted these may not stop a Romulan laser blast but they do completely repel more practical and common daily assaults from spills of coffee, wine, ketchup, and every other saucy splotch that by Murphy's Law gets right on your dress shirt before a big meeting.

Check out this video of one of these shirts in action (that's my unintended ShamWow! like amazement in the background).

Andrew-J is the maker of these little miracles with buttons. They make both traditional cut and slim cut dress shirts in a variety of colors and retail for $100 - $150, and did I mention they're wrinkle free to boot?

You'll be able to go boldly where no man has gone before: confidently to eat a jumbo hot dog with everything on it in your pristine white dress shirt.

Make it so.