Would you spend 3K to make 10K?


Kalyan’s big data startup was gaining traction and attention, he was taking on more public speaking engagements, and though they were unpaid, the audiences were getting larger. But his MIT student wardrobe was not reinforcing his expertise and leadership, and that was hurting his speaker confidence. It all came to a head during his first major network interview; in an attempt to look more professional, he wore a suit jacket that fit neither his body nor his personality, and his discomfort was palpable.

That's when he called me. Kalyan spent 1,500 on a few key looks, and 1,500 on my services. These looks were comfortable, matched his personality, and communicated his capability.

At his very next talk, now in Emmi-Approved clothing head to toe, Kalyan felt at ease and energized to deliver his content. After his talk, an audience member visiting from Switzerland asked him where he bought his shoes, and then hired him to give the same talk at their Swiss offices for a $10,000 speaking fee. 

And that was just the first time out of the gate. Clothing is not about fashion, it is about psychological impact. It's your personal marketing machine, an active earner amplifying the rewards you get in life. 

Emmi SorokinComment