One Client's Experience, And There's A Proposal.

People often think I got into styling men because I love to shop. Those fine people are dead wrong. I feel the pain of the average guy who can't stand crappy customer service, overcrowded racks, and stab-me-in-the-eye-Muzak.  It makes me incredibly precise and efficient in finding exactly what clients need so we can all avoid that.

In reality, I do what I do because I understand the power that our everyday clothes wield over the quality of our lives. Not just because of how others view us, but more importantly, because of how we feel about ourselves. And, I’m completely addicted to bringing out the greatness that I see in my clients and watching how that unfolds for them, like Matt, a.k.a. Sully, who sent me the following email which sent me into a shameless happy dance which thankfully only the dogs witnessed.

Hi Emmi,
I’ve been drafting this email in my head for a few days now, and finally am ready to send it.
When we first met a little over 3 years ago, I had been recently let go from HubSpot and dumped by my fiance within a two week period. I was truly in one of the lowest points of my life. My mojo was gone.
That first shopping trip with you was the first step in getting up, dusting myself off, and trying to follow the philosophy of “get better everyday”. Shortly after that session, I was interviewing for jobs and wading into the dating pool again.
Fast forward to now, and I’ve become a rock star at my current company, and I’m happy to share with you that I recently purchased an engagement ring.
I look back on my first date with Tiffany (my girlfriend, not the 80s teen sensation), and I made sure to wear the casual blazer you had picked out for me. With that piece on, I know I looked good, and that made me feel good.
While clothes don’t make the man, they can make the man better. You did that for me, and I can’t thank you enough.
If anyone is ever unsure of your services, send them my way.

P.S.- She said YES:)